Saturday, May 14, 2016

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May Meltdown day 6! Stay strong this weekend! Evaluate what worked and what did not work this week. Make a meal/snack list and get some groceries. Spend this weekend prepping for next week. Share any tips for success here today!
Complete 4 rounds for time of:
Run 400m
21 walking lunges
15 sit ups
9 push ups
Calf stretch
2 min R
2 min L
Pigeon stretch
2 min R
2 min L


  1. 5/13/16
    B - fasted
    post-WOD - protein shake
    S - chicken, kale, carrots
    L - fasted
    S - Apple
    D - beef & chicken fajitas

    Rise & Recover this weekend!

  2. Day 5

    Breakfast: Spinach Omelet, baby carrots
    L: chicken wrapped in lettuce w/onions, sweet potato fries
    Snack: Cashews
    Dinner: chicken, grilled peppers, sweet potato fries
    Snack: Apple

  3. B - boiled egg and post WOD protein shake
    L - grilled chicken breast with a little bit bacon sprinkled on top. Alvocado, tomato and spinach salad and Mixed vegetables. Water
    D - seasoned hamburger meat in lettuce wraps. Lots of water

  4. B - Paleo pancakes
    L - ground turkey and broccoli
    S - pecans
    D - ground turkey and broccoli

  5. b:
    s:green smoothie
    l: roasted veggies, chicken
    s: banana, almond butter
    d: huge grilled chicken salad, fried plantains dipped in (birthday cheat) black beans and sour cream. sorry, but at least it wasn't cake!

  6. B-eggs with roasted broccoli
    S-berries with while raw, unsalted almonds
    L-shrimp cocktail with extra avocado
    D-beef with broccoli and a 1/3 of a roasted sweet potato

    1. B. Nutrition bar
      S. Blackberries
      L. Grilled chicken, salad
      S. Nutrition bar
      D. 4 fried eggs, half an avocado

      Great WOD this am...thanks Jason!

      Team Rise & Grind

  7. B- scrambled eggs
    L- garden salad
    D- shrimp and chorizo

    I am learning that it's really hard to not eat junk food when on a road trip!

  8. B - Egg whites, lean ground turkey, pico, avocado
    L - Salad w/ chicken, pineapple, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, fat free dressing
    D - Chipotle Bowl w/ chicken, lettuce, onions/peppers, pico, guacamole

  9. B: protein shake w/ almond milk
    L: rotisserie chicken, baby carrots
    D: chipotle bowl-double chicken, fajita veggies, salsa, lettuce
    S: baby carrots, protein bar, peanuts

    Team AM! I have already lost 6 lbs!

  10. Grilled steak and chicken for lunch this next week.
    2 eggs & avacado
    S almonds
    L chicken & green beans cauliflower
    S cashews
    D hamburger patty, mushrooms & salad

  11. B - eggs,bacon, coffee, water
    L - ribs, onion,pickle, jalapenos
    D - ribs, onion, pickle, jalapenos

    Team A.M.!!

  12. 5/13/16
    B boiled egg
    S almond butter
    L Ham slices and boiled egg
    S almond butter
    D pork loin Brussels sprouts
    Team PM!!

  13. B: 2 eggs, 1 bacon, spinach, 1/4 sweet potato and coffee
    L: sausage, kale and carrot skillet
    S: 2.5oz tuna, blackberries
    D: grilled chicken, cabbage sauteed w/ onions and bacon
    S: pineapple

  14. 10/13/16
    B- egg bacon fruit
    L- half chicken breast salad
    S- almonds boiled egg
    D- fasted.

    Team AM. I'm trying everyone but allergies this week have me grumpy.

  15. 5/13/16
    B- protein shake
    S- sweet potato
    L- tuna avocado and eggs
    D- rotisserie chicken with steamed veggies

    Go team night WOD'ers

  16. 5/13/16
    B- 3 boiled eggs, bacon, sweet potato, banana, and coconut water.
    S- watermelon
    L- grilled chicken and kale salad
    D- shell less tacos
    Team PM

  17. 64oz water
    B- Boiled Eggs & Bacon

    L- Grilled YellowFin Tuna, Sweet Potato & Green Beans

    S- 2oz Lunch Meat, Mixed Fruit & Almonds

    D- Lettuce Wrap Tacos & Cauliflower Rice

  18. B eggs, sausage, veggies
    L gyro meat, salad
    S apple, walnuts, cashews
    D chicken, kale

  19. B: banana. blueberries, almonds
    L: spinach, eggs
    D: salad with chicken

  20. B egg muffins with sausage bell peppers
    S lots of almonds
    L grilled chicken salad
    S lots of almonds and berries
    D fish/shrimp/carrots soup