Friday, May 20, 2016

What would define success on this challenge to you? Are you striving for perfection? Is that realistically attainable? Or are you happy with several small baby steps in the right direction? If you have a slip up, can you immediately get back on track or do you just give up? Strive to do your best and your success might surprise you and inspire others!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” –Henry Ford
Now let's see who is paying attention. Earn 2 points for your team today by answering any of the questions above or responding to the quote! Your thoughts just might inspire someone!
For time:
2 Rounds:
20 Pistols
15 Power Cleans (115/75)
Then immediately
3 Rounds:
200m run
15 Burpees
10 Front Squats (115/75)
3 rounds, not for time:
Max rep unbroken toes to bar
10 barbell back extensions
MOB WOD 6 min:
Couch stretch
2 min R
2 min L
2 min wrist stretching


  1. B: fast
    L: miso soup with seaweed
    S: protein shake
    D: chicken protein soup


  2. B- boiled egg & protein shake
    L- blackened salmon with roasted squash, zucchini and green beans
    D-scrambled eggs with fresh onion, sliced tomato and 1/2 of avocado.
    S- handful of grapes

    Lots of water

    This is my first challenge and it has been eye opening for me and understand it is only just part of the equation when it comes to a healthier and fitter way of living. So, I will be happy with several baby steps in the right direction.

    The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now. -- Chinese Proverb

    1. I love the proverb! Tell Asa that bc I have been wanting to plant a magnolia tree in our yard since we moved in. 10 years later we still don't have one! Maybe we'll get one this weekend! Kidding, I know it's not literally about trees! You are doing awesome Greg! It's fun watching your transformation!

    2. lol damn you Asa!!! Plant the dang tree

    3. I've been looking for the right season :)

  3. Eggs bacon
    Sweet potato chicken
    Striving for perfection is whatever you think perfection is. I strive for the highest! Henry ford is right by the quote

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  5. What would define success on this challenge to you?I am a diabetic and success to me would be to be able to manage my diabetes with diet and exercise.In the past I have had unrealistic goals and have miserably failed so now am just trying to take baby steps. I am a work in progress. Today I over heard some co workers saying how they seen me doing good in my diet and exercise but yet they can notice a change in my weight. At first I hurt me but then I thought about it and i think its stuff to bring my morale down and it will not work because for the first time in a long time I feel am doing something good for me.and I would like to see them walk in my shoes.

    PM team:)

    1. Great mindset Monica! People are people and sometimes they are ____.
      You are making progress for YOU and nobody else. Keep at it!

  6. B-protein shake
    S-protein bar
    L-baked tilapia,zucchini,cauliflower,broccoli
    D-pork skins ( only option I had at a festival


  7. 5/19/16
    B - boiled eggs and cashews
    S - cashews, Atlas 40.5 head circumference and 24.25" long
    L - sweet potato with spinach and cashews
    D - steak and veggies then strawberries

    Go Team Rise & Shine!

    1. 22:16 (20 pistols to 20" box per leg, so 40 total, 115#)

      Optional - T2B 25,26,14 (11)


  8. B - Eggs, bacon, Coffee, Water
    L - Chicken, Veggies
    D - Steak, Salad

    Team A.M.

    As I progress through my cross fit journey, my attitude has changed from trying to keep up with someone to competing against myself. I have learned to try to get better at one item each day in the box. Some days it’s hard to find what went right. But, it really helps just like this morning when you are on your last 4 reps and the 6:00 a.m. class RALLIES!! around you to help you do your very best. Thanks Gentlemen!!

  9. B sausage, eggs, veggies
    L bacon, sausage, brazil nuts
    S cashews, carrots, walnuts
    D hamburger patty, sweet potato fries **

    Success in this challenge is the shift in my attitude about food. I have found that it is easier than I expected to eat this strictly and I feel really good. That being said, I am not aiming for perfection. I am in Austin this weekend for my daughter's college graduation. This will happen only once and there may be celebrating and possibly some alcohol in the near future. :) Then right back on the program!! Life is a journey made up of a series of little steps. The question is whether or not you are heading in the direction you want to go.

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  11. B- Bacon, 2 boiled eggs
    S- Walnuts, almonds
    L- burger without the bun
    D- Salad w/ shrimp

  12. B 2 eggs & avocado
    S almonds
    L Roast, radishes, asparagus
    D steak, chicken, asparagus & cauliflower

  13. Perfection for me is following the eating plan and making it to the box. It is not only completing the challenge but taking what I have learned and continuing even after the challenge has ended. I feel this has given me the push I needed!!

  14. B - Zucchini and eggs
    L - sub in a tub salad from jersey mikes
    S - protein drink
    D - paleo pizza

    16:25 (?) RX I can't remember my time exactly. Wasn't less than 15 min which was my goal but not more than 16 min.

  15. B - eggs with veggies
    L - ground turkey and sweet potato fries
    S - mango
    D ground turkey and sweet potato fries

    Honestly, I am not striving for perfection. I'm starving for balance. If I have a slip up, I'll enjoy it and get back on track. I don't believe life is about perfection, but more about progress and to never stop learning.

  16. b: eggs, sweet potatoes, spinach
    l: ground beef, huge salad
    d: steak, mixed veggies
    dessert: strawberries, walnuts

    I don't strive for perfection. If I have a slip up I consider it a success to be able to shake it off and get right back on track. It use to be easy to let one slip up turn into a weekend of bingeing on crap food. But over the course of many challenges, our eating has evolved a lot! We face many challenges in life and can choose to respond positively, negatively, or simply ignore the challenge. How we respond can change who we are for the better in so many ways! I agree with Andrea, never stop learning. Keep taking on challenges so that you can emerge a better and stronger person each time. This will help to prepare us for the unexpected challenges in life that are thrown at us. If we make a habit of exerting discipline and bouncing back after slip ups, we can use that in other challenges throughout life.

    1. Great job Amy! You are really doing the best I've ever seen you do!! Every day you are as energized and motivated as the day before and it's motivating others!

  17. B: 2 eggs, spinach, 1/3 sweet potato
    L: hard boiled egg, Larabar
    D: ground bison taco salad, blackberries

    My goal for this challenge is to continue to redefine my relationship with food. I often go to the sweets and carbs as a stress reliever which ultimately leaves me feeling bad. So, being more consistent with my eating habits is something I am striving for. This week at work has been particularly stressful and exhausting, but I have managed to stay strict with my eating which is a big win for me since there has been a lot of temptation. I wasn't able to make it to the box as much as I wanted to this week, but that gives me something to strive for next week.

  18. B- protein shake
    S- sweet potato
    L- tuna avocado and eggs
    D- whitefish and steamed veggies
    S- apple with almond butter

    I have set my goals realistic this time around and by attaining the small and moderate goals in short periods of time it will allow me to be successful at the end. I am also able to get right back on track if I slip up but luckily that hasn't happened yet.

  19. B - 3 eggs
    S - almonds
    L - fajita meat, guac, sweet potato
    D - Pulled pork, sausage, spinach, cole slaw

    I'd like to be able to get as close as possible to my goal of losing about 6-8 lbs and see where I feel I should go from there. I think I can do it!

  20. 5-18-2016

    B - scrambled eggs + spinach + avocado + lotsa water
    S - pistachio nuts + lotsa water
    L - chipotle bowl w/lettuce, double chicken, pico, hot sauce, guac + lotsa water
    S - protein shake
    D - spaghetti + glass of red wine (oops)

    I would define success on this challenge as making the right food choices throughout the challenge? I don't like the term is a journey through which knowledge is gained. As long as I'm gaining knowledge and enhancing parts of my life/health, I feel like I'm on the right track.

  21. B-Protien shake w/almond milk and baby spinach
    L-pork chops, baby carrots, 1/2 apple
    D-Sautéed Mushrooms/onions, beef fajita meat, lettuce
    S-protein bar

    Success in this challenge would be making gains in my workouts and slimming down. I feel that so far I have been staying to the plan and have lost some weight. (8lbs) I have been lucky so far and not had any major slip ups.

  22. B - Protein Bar
    L - Spinach salad w/ grilled chicken, strawberries, almonds, raspberry walnut vinaigrette
    D - Beef fajita/chicken salad w/ sautéed mushrooms & onions, avocado, and hot sauce

    I feel I have already obtained success while on this challenge. I've lost a couple of pounds and inches. I've tried really hard to eat clean, but have gave in to a tempting treat once or twice and it did not affect me. This shows me that as long as I eat things in moderation, I can enjoy them and not feel guilty. I'm not striving for perfection but for a healthier lifestyle. 😊

  23. 5-19
    B-scrambled eggs, ham, Veges
    S-raisins, walnuts
    L-protein bar
    S-boiled egg
    D-smoked chicken
    Night WODers

    "Strive for progress- not perfection." Balance in all aspects of my life.

  24. B- egg greens bacon
    L- salad chicken veggies
    S- cashews banana
    D- zucchini noodles chicken with mushroom and broccoli

  25. B-eggs and steak
    L- salad
    D - broccoli,okra, Salad, and apple

  26. B-Apple and almonds
    L-chicken and green beans
    D- eggs bacon pine apple

  27. Wod rx'd+ with 95 lbs: 15:04 Felt really good today, cleans and squats were unbroken
    Optional: Did just 10's on TTB since right lat is super tight,so didnt push for true max set, and 33 lb bar on back extension

  28. The goal I set at the beginning of the challenge was to lose 5 pounds. I think this is very realistic and attainable. So far I have lost 2 pounds and would be very happy if that is all I end up losing. I try not to stress myself out by putting too much pressure on myself. I try to take things slow and appreciate the little things.

    1. 11:34 RX

      I walked into the gym feeling sooo drained and just out of it. I didn't think I would even make it. Lol. I'm glad I made myself workout. It was an awesome workout! Shaun, Jose , Zab and myself worked out together and did the optional WOD. I used a 15# bar on the first two sets of GHD back extensions and used a 35# on the last set. Loved the WOD.

  29. B: eggs, bacon and spinach
    S: almonds
    L: beef and veggies
    D: chicken and sweet potatoes

    What would define success on this challenge for you? Success for me on this challenge would be getting down to 200lbs and getting my endurance better. It is getting better every day.

  30. Protein Shake
    B-4 egg omelette
    L-Grilled chicken, steamed veggies, sweet potato
    D-Grilled chicken, kale salad, and sweet potato
    protein shake.

    Would be happy with small steps to refine my diet to put on some muscle and to lose body fat and gain muscle during the challenge.

  31. Day 10

    Snack: Apple
    L: Brisket & Sausage
    Dinner: Turkey Patty, Avocado, baby carrots, green peas
    Snack: almonds

    I try to stay very strict. If tempted with something that isn't on the plan, then I try eat something else that is Paleo. For the most part it's worked!

  32. 5/19
    B: eggs, peppers, onions, and chicken sausage
    S: almonds, walnuts
    L: grilled chicken
    D: hamburger patty, baked sweet potato fries

    Success to me is changing my lifestyle by taking better care of myself. I've seen such a big difference not only in my body but my overall attitude and health since joining Crossfit and this challenge. Changing my heating habits was difficult at first but I don't even crave all the bad foods anymore and I really enjoy cooking new stuff. I turned down donuts this morning! That never used to happen! ;) I've had a couple of mishaps during the challenge but was disappointed with myself and got right back on track.

  33. B. Apple with almond butter
    L. Kind bar
    S. Cucumbers
    D. Lots of veggies with taco meat

    This challenge for me is not about perfection. I strive to do better with each challenge. This challenge in particular has been a difficult one for me. Success for me would be to lose a couple of pounds and continue to push harder during the WODs. My goal is to add in some running after several WODs a week.

  34. 64oz water
    B- Shake & Coffee

    L- Tilapia, Salad & Sweet Potato Fries

    S- Mixed Fruit & Almonds

    D- Lettuce Wrap

    Trying to be perfect is never a goal for me. I feel like it's a sure way to fail, no one is perfect. If I slip I shake it of and get back on track! I'm good with baby steps. Success for me is all about how I feel.

  35. S Lara bar
    L salad with fajita steak
    S cashews

    Didn't eat enough today:(
    This challenge is for me get back on track. It's ok to allow yourself a little cheat, but don't give up. It's so easy to get back on track. Reach out to your team if you're struggling.

    Team Night WOD ers

  36. Perfection can be done because I've done it before but it takes a extreme amount of dedication. However with this challenge I have gotten enough discipline to get back on track after a slip up and that's been my biggest success this go around. Weights dropping and the cravings are gone, just have to maintain my strength.
    B Banana and Caveman Bar
    L Bison burger wrap
    S Protein Shake
    D Celery sticks, beef jerky, and a protein shake

    Team PM

  37. I define success on this challenge being better when it ends, than when I started!

  38. B - Fasted
    L - protein shake
    S - cashews, pig skins
    D - chicken chili, avocado

  39. 16:08 RX.
    First part wasn't bad. Second...running killed me. Don't think I've run since before the open so getting back to it sucks.