Monday, May 23, 2016

Would you like to increase your range of motion? An increased range of motion can allow your body to generate more power, to work more efficiently and improves posture.

CrossFit North Mesquite will now offer the gym membership of ROM WOD to members who are interested. ROM WOD offers daily stretching and mobility wods.

You can purchase your own individual ROM WOD subscription for $14/month.. However, CFNM will offer the service to those interested for an additional $3 to your current membership.

"Why not boost your performance and feel better than ever? Personally, I have subscribed to ROM WOD for the last couple of months. My little athlete and husband both use the service and love it. Please speak to a coach if you are interested."- Coach Alma
8 min EMOM
Even: 8 heavy Russian  KBS
Odd: max unbroken strict pull ups (ring rows, bands)
Set clock for 12 min
Every 3 min complete
45 double unders (135 singles)
15 unbroken wall balls 20/14
10 box jumps 24/20
Repeat for 4 cycles
MOB WOD:  set clock for 6 min
1 min: box shoulder stretch
2 min: pigeon stretch while stretching wrists R, L


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    1. B- scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and fresh fruit
      L- no lunch (was traveling home)
      S- nuts and seeds and beef jerky
      D- deli style sliced turkey

  2. 5/22/16
    B - fasted
    post-WOD - spinach omelett with bacon
    L - fasted
    D - grilled chicken with guacamole then shrimp, chicken and steak with veggies finished with some fruit

    Team Rise & Bam!

    1. A) 70# KB 16 Russian KBs
      10,8,7,6 strict pull ups
      B) 1:39,1:23,1:50,1:38 RX
      MOB WOD check
      Optional - 3 rounds 35# plates 200 ft farmer carries and 70# KB carries


  3. B- omelet with bacon, sausage, spinach and tomatos
    S- fresh strawberries
    D-burger patty with Paleo mayo, fresh greens and sweet potato fries

    I had a late night Saturday so I slept till about 9:30 am on Sunday. By the time I had breakfast it was noon which is why I only had two meals.

    1. EMOM- 8,5,6,6 Pull ups with 70# KB Russian swings

      WOD- 1:31,1:22, 1:16, 1:12 RX

  4. B: salmon, eggs, bacon, spinach
    D: scallops, broccoli

  5. B eggs, onions, mushrooms, bacon
    S nuts, goji berries
    L paleo beef stick, nuts
    D wings, salad
    S apple

  6. B - coffee and endurance WOD
    B2 - hamburger patty, eggs with spinach, brocc, and mushrooms, and sweet potatoes.
    L - nothing
    D - smoked chicken wrap

    WOD 052316
    A) 70#/3, 4, 4, 4
    B) 1:21, 1:17, 1:26, 1:16 RX
    Mob WOD ✔️

  7. B-none
    L-2 egg omlette, ground turkey, diced onions, salsa, 4 turkey bacon
    D- grilled chicken breast, sweet potato,butter
    S-Peanuts, jerkey

    Am Team

  8. B: 2 hard boiled eggs, banana
    L: Ham, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado
    S: veggie chips & salsa
    D: pork chop, brussel sprout salad, 1/3 avocado, grilled onions
    S: cherries

  9. B-eggs and bacon
    D- hamburger pattie and sweet potato fries

  10. Eggs bacon
    Bbq sweet potato with rib meat
    Bbq sweet potato with rib meat

  11. B eggs squash
    S cashews
    L salad w fruit
    S cashews
    D taco casserole and zuchinni

  12. B: steak and eggs
    S: almonds
    L: grilled chicken and veggies
    D: chicken fajitas and veggies

  13. B - Larabar, coffee
    L - Pork and vegetables
    D - Fajitas, salad

    Team A.M.!!

  14. B- protein shake
    L- Shrimp cocktail with avocado
    D- Grilled Kabobs with shrimp, sausage, bell peppers and onions
    S- blueberries

    lost another 5 lbs this past week putting me at 12 lbs so far. Goal was 15 so I need to keep grinding and hit that goal this week. So I can set a goal for the final week of the competition.

    GO Team Night WOD'ers

  15. B- 2 boiled eggs
    S- Fruit
    D- Grill chicken salad

  16. Awesome work out today!!! And those box jumps where out to own me and they did but it's all good still finished strong can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow good luck everyone with the paleo CHALLANGE!

  17. Looks like it's going to be chicken and my favorite veggie..broccoli!

  18. b: spinach omelet and bacon
    s: green smoothie
    l: skipped
    d: shrimp, guacamole, chicken and peppers
    Go Night WODers!!!

  19. B-veggie and bacon omelette
    L- chicken and salad
    D- fish and salad

    I had a moment of defeat this weekend...I totally had a cookie and a beer.....don't judge me too much.

  20. B. Apple with almond butter
    L. Kind bar
    D. Grilled chicken salad

    Rise and grind

  21. B - None
    L - 2-egg omlette, ground turkey, diced onions, salsa, avocado
    D - Grilled chicken breast, sweet potato, butter
    S - Banana

    Am Team

  22. 5/22
    B-omelet, sweet potato and strawberries
    S-almond butter
    L-chicken salad
    S-paleo granola
    D-chicken and chopped salad
    Go PM WODers

  23. B turkey sausage
    S almonds and ham
    L salad with fajita steak
    S cashews and ham
    D steak and sweet potato

    Team Night WOD ers

  24. A) 8-6-6-5 (1&3 rds were under grip and 2&4 rds were over grip) Swings with 70lbs
    B)Wod rx'd 1:14, 1:18, 1:18, 1:15
    C) Mobility check

  25. B boiled eggs, sweet potato, bacon, and banana
    S beef jerky
    L chicken beeast and sweet potato
    S protein shake
    D ground beef with carrots and dry ceaser salad
    Team PM

  26. B-F
    L-fajitas, salsa,sweet potatoe, 1/2avocado
    D-protein drink
    PM team!

  27. 64oz water
    L-Bunless Turkey Burger
    S-Cherries & Walnuts
    D-Sweet Potato & Avocado

  28. Day 13

    Breakfast: Spinach omelet
    L: Turkey, baby carrots & almonds
    Dinner: Sweet potato fries, chicken, broccoli
    Snack: Apple, baby carrots

  29. A) 3-2-1 One arm Swings with 70lb
    B) RX, 1:30, 1:55, 2:35ish, Cap+3