Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Half Tabata  (4 rounds at each)
High pull
Muscle snatch
Power Snatch balance
EMOM 10 min
1 power snatch (focus-speed! Increase weight each round if desired)
For time:
200 double-unders (400 single unders)
100  alt db snatches (choose weight)
200 double-unders (400 SU)

Row3x300m, rest 1 minute
2 min calf stretch: 1 R/1 L
1 min partner bully stretch


  1. A) completed with 15# trainer bar
    B) 75# hang muscle snatch (5 reps)
    C) 16:40 (500m row, 55# dumb bell)
    Extra: 4x25 GHD back extensions with 10# plate & Tabata handstand holds


  2. Sometimes you wake up & see the WOD and know it's really gonna suck. DU & snatches. Yep, that's a whole lot of suck. My biggest accomplishment was making it to the box & getting the reps in with a decent attitude.
    A) PVC
    B) ended at 155#, but with some press out
    C) 29:49 with DU and 55# - most everybody else was already home and maybe even at work by the time I finished. The silver lining is that I never missed a rep on the DU (the MANY breaks were all planned).

  3. Sometimes you wake up and are excited about a short little low intensity WOD, and then you end up doing 25+ min of hard ass, sweat pouring work...
    A) pvc (legs trembling when I left)
    B) 100#
    C) 15:39 RX 25# dumbbell

  4. So I finished with a time of 10:58 on the clock. I was happy but then started looking at other people's times and completely started to doubt. So I went over, in my head, how I broke everything up and could only remember that I broke up the snatches in 10 sets of 10.

    Beyond frustrating!! I just keep thinking that there is no way I could've finished in that time doing all 400 DU and 100 snatches. I will redo this WOD for sure!!

    Got 110# on the EMOM thanks to Asa's help.