Thursday, June 23, 2016

Try your first CrossFit class for FREE today!
20 minutes on the clock:
Run 800
21 Plate GTO 45/25
42 push ups
Run 400

15 Plate GTO
30 push ups
Run 200

9 Plate GTO
18 push ups

MOB WOD: 4 min
EMOM 4 min:
1 min pretzel stretch right
1 min: pretzel stretch left

Optional: 10 min of handstand practice



  1. 18:42 (100m row, 500m row, 250m row, all else RX)


  2. rxd Sub 17:00: Didnt really look at the clock because I wasnt trying to push it today. everything is tore up from the lifts this week, and wanted to use today to loosen everything up

  3. 23:13 because screw time limits. I wanted to finish
    600m run
    25# (should've done more. I need to learn to trust my strength so i can push).
    mod'd push ups.

    first day back in almost 2 weeks and was winded. Felt good to get back.