Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What's going on with programming for the next 6 weeks?
Back Squat Cycle Mondays: 20 rep back squat cycle
Level Testing Tuesdays: Complete level 1, so you can work on some other levels!
Weightlifting Wednesdays: This week we begin an Oly lifting progression!
FREE Thursdays: Bring a friend, first class is FREE!
Back Squat Cycle Fridays: 20 rep back squat cycle
FREE Saturdays: Bring a friend, first class is FREE!

Tuesday Testing

For time
30 air squats (weight in heels, feet shoulder width, hips down and back, hip crease below knees)
30 box jumps 24/20 (full extension at top, jump up, jump or step down)
30 burpees (chest touch floor, feet leave floor at top)
30 sit ups (hands touch floor behind head, sit up shoulders over hips touch floor with hands somewhere in front)
30 knees to waist
30 ring rows (chest to rings)
30 push ups (straight body, no worming if testing! Chest touches floor, arms full lockout at top)
Test any gymnastics or endurance level 1
2 min pigeon each leg
2 min floor shoulder stretch


  1. Day 3 RomWOD


    The next 6 weeks look awesome!!

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  3. Wod 7:44: Ring rows and pushups were tougher than expected, sore from all the pullups and pushups in the past few wods. But tried to really push fast thru all, especially the burpees