Monday, June 6, 2016

Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend!
Men: 1st-Shaun, 2nd-Ryan, 3rd-Bryan
Women: 1st-Melissa, 2nd-Ashley P, 3rd- Liz
Men: 1st-Jeremy
Women: 1st-Jolynn, 2nd-Andrea, 3rd-Claire

Check out our new Goal Tracking System that starts this week! We will designate specific days for testing. This Saturday will be the first testing day! Read about the Goal Tracking System here and familiarize yourself with the level sheets in the binder by the stereo. Put your name on a sheet and start at level 1! After you complete level 1, you can test skills in any level.

This is a great way to track your individual progress in CrossFit and set measureable goals to achieve.
This is NOT a ranking system within our gym. The level/levels that you are working towards do not impact how you modify a workout in classes. However, the system will give you a guide for progressing to RX workouts if that is your goal. Or it can give you a guide for taking your RX wods to the next level and being more competitive!

Even: 3 power sntach + 10 push ups
Odd: rest, add weight
Complete the following for time: (20 min time cap)
50 overhead squats (135#/95#)
*Any time that you leave the overhead position, put the barbell down and immediately knock out 10 burpees
2 minutes of Double unders
rest 2 minutes
2 minutes of Double unders

2min partner bully stretch (1 min each person then switch)

2 min lunge stretch (1 min each leg)


  1. A) 75,85,115,115 muscle snatches with 20 push ups
    B) 6:32 (115# overhead walks 500ft)
    Optional - 125,130 DUs (PR - 100 DUs unbroken in 50 sec, then same in 51 sec next round)


    1. Awesome work on those DU. Very impressive.

  2. A) 85#, 95#, 105#, 105#... Seemed a lot heavier than 105# and they weren't pretty by any means.
    B) 15:08 RX

  3. A) 95, 115, 135, 145
    B) 15:03 w/ 120# & bar facing burpees. One OHS shy of saving me 10 burpees. Just couldn't do it. My hat is off to the Rx beasts.

    Will do optional tonight. Maybe even in my sexy new kicks.

  4. A) 75#, 85#, 85#, 85#
    B) 13:06 @ 65# (4 sets of burpees...ugh)
    Feeling a little weak today.

  5. A) 75#, 85#, 95#, 105#
    B) 14:43 RX
    Opt.) I did DUs for 2 minutes, then 2 minutes but didn't count.

    I also did 5x10 of GHD sit-ups with a 10# med ball and 5x10 GHD back extensions.

    1. Those OHS were challenging, I think I did like a gazillion burpees.

  6. A) 95, 105, 115, 125 (wanted to do all as touch and go sets of 3 but didnt have the faith with the 125 so did singles at the final weight)
    B) 4:03 rx'd - Broke once 34-16

  7. A) 95, 105, 115, 125
    B) 7:10 at 115. Went 20-18-12. Knee didn't let me do RX.

  8. did part of wod today
    50 OHS 65lbs
    7:06 had to set bar down 3x, so 30 burpees