Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New T shirts and tanks are here. Did you get yours?

30 minutes on the clock:
12-9-6-3 unbroken HSPU reps for time
At 5:00 minute mark:
Run 800m
12 Pistols
21 STRICT Pullups
Run 400m
12 Pistols
15 STRICT Pullups
Run 200m
12 Pistols
9 STRICT Pullups
Score= Time and how many HSPU completed and how they were modified. If completed HSPU, what was your time for that?

* the class begins the 800m run together (so if an athlete finished all HSPU in 3 minutes, they get to rest until the 5 min mark. If an athlete is on the 6’s of HSPU at the 5 min mark, they do not get to finish HSPU, they must start the 800m run with the rest of the class)
2 min pigeon each leg
2 min floor shoulder stretch


  1. A) Got all of the reps in, but had to break after 4 in the round of 6. Took me the entire 5 min.
    B) 20:11 Rx (clock time when finished)
    My legs are curious as to what they've done wrong to deserve what I've done to them in the last 2 days. I told them to MTFU.

  2. I got all my reps in as ugly as it was. Couldn't do the handstand push-ups unbroken, but excited to do them. Pistols (I'm just not there yet) I had to use a 21" box and red/blue bands for the pull ups. Clock was at 26:10 upon completion