Wednesday, June 29, 2016

 ¼ Tabata WU
2 rounds at each (4 min total)
Dip shrug
High pull
Muscle snatch
Snatch balance

40 minutes on the clock

EMOM 8 min
Even: 3 snatch 70% (athlete choice of power or snatch)
Odd: 6-8 ctb pull ups

Rest 3 min
At 11:00 min:
Even: 3 C&J 70% (athlete choice of power clean or squat clean)
Odd: max reps sit ups
Rest 3:00
At 22:00 min:
Death by PC&J 115/75 (Min 1: 1 C&J, Min 2: 2 C&J, Min 3: 3 C&J…)
This is Week 1 of a Clean and Snatch progression.
2 min calf stretch: 1 R/1 L
1 min partner bully stretch

3 rounds for quality
30 sec hollow hold on GHD
8 KB GHD back extensions (hold last rep 20-30 sec)
2 slow hollowed out wall walks between each set


  1. A) Tabata with PVC
    B) 125#, 6 strict CTBs
    C) 180#, 22 sit ups every round (135,155,165,180)
    D) 6+6 with 7th 1 sec over RX

    Very pleased with today. Felt good!


  2. A) PVC
    B) 4 Rnds @ 105#, 8 CTBs/ Rnd
    C) 4 Rnds @145#, 30 Sit-Ups/ Rnd
    D) 10+9 (64 reps) Rx. Would have liked to squeeze 2 more in and made it to the round of 12, but oh well.

    Great WOD!

  3. 20 min late to class, there was a pretty bad wreck on I30. Was really looking forward to this wod, but only really did part D.
    So I did squat snatch triples: 55, 55, 55, 65, 65
    D) 8+8 RX (that was tough, and I wasn't even tired from doing a, b, & c first!)

  4. 100# on the snatches with 6 c2b each round
    125# on the clean and jerk and I didn't count the sit-ups

    I made it to and completed the 13th round on the death by clean and jerk and was so mad after because I should've just picked up the damn bar and got what I got on the next round. I could've totally kept going, maybe not finished, but I could've gotten some reps in for sure.

    You live and you learn.

    I also did 6x10 GHD sit-ups with a 10# mes ball and 6x10 GHD back extensions with a hold at the end of each set of about 8 seconds.

  5. A) PVC
    B) Squat Snatch TnGo all 4 sets at @ 70% = 105 lbs, with 6 ctb (1 at a time due to a torn hand from monday)
    C) Power Clean and Jerk all 4 sets @ 70% = 130 lbs, with 25 situps each round
    D) Wod Rx'd 13+8 = 99 clean and jerks and 4 more tears on my hands. Looks like I need to spend more time on the barbell to toughen my hands back up :)

    1. Forgot, I did rds 1-10 in cl&jerk as unbroken. That worked well for me