Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Want to test your endurance at a 5k in July and raise some money for a great cause?
Let's get a group together and represent CrossFit North Mesquite!

Lookin for a Cure 5k to benefit ocular melanoma
Saturday, July 16, 2016
Bachman Park, Dallas
8am sign in/registration
9am run starts!
Can't make the race? But you like to shop? Shop on Amazon and part of your purchase will be donated to this charity!
Here is what you do:
1. Go to to purchase from Amazon.
2. Set your beneficiary to "A Cure in Sight".
3. Then 0.5% of everything you purchase goes to this charity!

A Cure In Sight is a charity organization that is committed to accelerating and enhancing scientiļ¬c research, advocacy, and awareness of Ocular Melanoma.  Ocular Melanoma is the most common primary cancer of the eye in adults, yet is extremely rare. Half of patients diagnosed will see their disease spread to other parts of their body, which is most often fatal.  Currently there is no cure or treatment solely for ocular melanoma.  However, there are emerging treatment options that show promise.  These emerging options are only possible through funding that is critically low due to the rareness of this cancer.  For more information:

Double unders
Run 200 ft between each round
Directly into…
200m KB Farmers Walk
Directly into…
Double unders
Run 200 ft between each round
In as few rounds as possible, complete: 25 bar muscle ups
*Use EMOM protocol.  At 3-2-1-GO, complete as many muscle ups as possible, and when you come off the rings, you must wait the top of the next minute
2 min calf stretch: 1 R/1 L


  1. B- protein shake
    L- salmon and spinach salad
    D- sausage and veggies

    Go team night WOD'ers

  2. B- hamburger patty, avocado and pine apple
    L- none
    D- breakfast/ eggs bacon, summer sausage, avocado, onion
    S- grapes & pineapple

  3. B: fast
    L: walnuts, pecans
    D: eggs, chicken sausage, spinach, cashew roll, paleo buffalo chicken dip

  4. B- sausage, 2 boiled eggs
    S- Shake
    L-Chicken fajita salad
    S- Walnuts,cashews
    D- Chicken soup w/ veggies

  5. A) 11:15 RX (with 70# KBs)
    B) optional (Thanks Kelly for encouraging me) 18:52 (strung 15&16 together)


    1. Damn. Great job. You must have really gutted out the farmer's carry. I was trying to preserve my forearms & went a little too slow, I guess.

      WOD: 15:0X w/ 70# KBs
      Optional : 22:XX - Did it as an EMOM. Was able to string two together on 2 of 4 attempts - first time ever! No 1st attempt misses. Generally psyched.

    2. Good job guys! Lots more muscle ups in the muscle up bank!

  6. b: boiled eggs, avacado
    l: sausage, cole slaw
    s: grapes, nuts, mixed fruit
    d: pork chops, huge salad, sweet potatoes

    1. staying at my mom's while they paint our kitchen. Hoping the restoration will be done soon! Not able to do today's wod here.
      got some deadlift practice in though!
      deadlift 155lb 3-3-3-3-3-3-3
      5 push ups between each set
      4x2 strict HSPU

  7. B: eggs and a few strawberries
    S: banana
    D: sweet potato stuffed with turkey meat and cauliflower rice

  8. B: scrambled eggs, salsa, sweet potatoes
    L: ham, salad, nectarine
    S: apple w/ almond butter
    D: pork chop, cucumbers

  9. B - Larabar, Coffee
    L - Chicken, Vegetables
    D - Roast, Salad

    Team A.M.!

  10. B paleo pancakes
    L chicken and veggies
    S nuts
    D chicken and veggies
    s fruit

  11. B-omelet with sausage, bacon, onions, mushrooms and bell peppers, coffee
    L-grilled chicken and shrimp with asparagus
    S- almonds
    S-roasted chicken with 1/3 sweet ootato

  12. B - Protein Bar & Banana
    L - Fasted
    D - Rotisserie chicken
    S - Trail mix

  13. 5/31
    B- 2 boiled egg bacon
    L-roast pork, sweet potatoes
    S-boiled egg
    D-garlic chicken, mixed Veges

  14. b-protein shake w/almond milk and baby spinach
    L-pork and ham, lettuce
    D- rotisserie chicken
    Am team

  15. B eggs & avocado
    S Larabar
    L Roast squash
    S apple almond butter
    D ribs and sweet potato

  16. B- scrambled eggs
    L - turkey patties and mixed veggies
    D - turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich (I got stuck in the storm and that was the best drive thru option I could find)

  17. Eggs bacon
    Bbq sweet potato

  18. B - protein shake
    L - chicken fajita salad
    S - pig skins
    D - hamburger patty, tomato, guacamole

  19. WOD RX'D with 55lb dumbbells: 9:46 run/du was way easier than expected, but grip was shot so fc was not up to par. Not sure if it was the combo of du and farmers carry, or it was bc my arms are still tore up from Murph.
    Opt: NO due to my triceps being too sore still

    1. Thanks for your help today on the bar MUs.

  20. 9:36 RX with 53# kettle bells, fun WOD!

    I also attempted the MUs with a green band, did 6 and that was enough!! I also did 50 Medball GHD sit-ups with a 10#ball and 50 back extensions.

  21. B-banana almond butter
    S- carrot chips
    L-bacon eggs sweet potato
    S-almonds Apple
    D-BBQ pineapple

  22. B scrambled eggs with sausage
    S almonds and ham
    L turkey Frank's
    S Lara bar
    D hamburger patties

    Team Night WOD ers

  23. B- shake
    L- chicken soup
    S-fruit cup
    D- pizza w/ cauliflower crust & salad

  24. B. Kind bar
    D. Grilled chicken, salad

  25. B- shake
    L- sweet potato with shredded beef
    D-fasted - I tried spegg squash. Yuck. I hate being a picky eater

  26. B boiled eggs, bacon, and an orange
    S beef jerky
    L grilled chicken chipotle salad
    S protein shake
    D ground beef with grilled zucchini and squash team pm

  27. B-2 eggs,1/2 avocado,ham
    L-protein shake
    S-cherries,1/2 sweet potatoe

    Night woder's

  28. B chicken, scallops, veggies
    S grapes
    L protein shake
    S Brazil nuts
    D sausage
    S blueberries, coconut cream

  29. RX 20:56, 60lb
    Didn't have the DUs.

  30. S-Protein shake
    B-4 egg omellet
    L-Grilled chicken and Kale salad
    D-Chicken fajitas
    S-Protein shake