Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2 rounds at each (4 min total)
Dip shrug
High pull
Muscle snatch
Snatch balance
28 min on the clock:
Every 2 min for 10 min
3 snatch (squat or power)
Rest 3 min
Every 2 min for 10 min
3 cleans
Rest 3 min
2 min max strict pull ups
*Today don’t worry about %, increase weight based on how you feel. If the lifts feel fast and smooth, increase weight. Do not increase weight if you are pressing out your snatch or barley catching your clean.
1 min partner bully stretch
2 min calf stretch: 1 R/1 L


  1. Day 17 RomWOD
    I'm grateful to be born in the greatest country in the world.


  2. Snatch 135#. Either too slow or rushed. Not sure.
    Clean 195# 8 ugly reps in final min (comp. practice)
    21 Pull Ups
    Opt: 400M jug carry in 2:46. Thanks Carmen and Sarah for doing it with me.

  3. Snatch (power) 90#
    Clean (power and squat) 140#
    10 strict pull ups
    Jug carry 400m - extra work and it was tough!!! 7:08 I should probably work on that at some point. Thanks for the push Trav - this guy never lets me slack even as much as I suck at something!!

  4. all squat snatches:
    65, 70, 75, 80, 80 (felt great!)
    first 3 rounds squat cleans, last 2 rounds power cleans
    75, 85, 85, 95, 105 (3rd rep at 105 was ugly! all before that felt great!)

    Pull ups: 12 (first 6 were unbroken! Post baby PR!)

  5. 4:30 class - 75#, 95#, 25
    5:30 class - 95#, 110#, 30

    Just because.

    1. *power variety and ring rows

  6. 110# on 3 power snatches

    165# on 3 squat cleans, which is a PR! The competition I did in Canton was a PR at 155# for one clean and jerk.

    20 strict pull ups

  7. Pre) Core warmup x 2 then 3 rds : 50 hollow flutter kicks, 50 arch flutter kicks, 40 ft hollow plank walk down and back, 5 around the world L+R
    A) All Squat Snatch 105,110,115,120,125 missed a couple at 120 but finished 3 in the 2 min, but 125 was solid
    B) All Squat Clean 130,140,150,160,170 super happy i was able to get all these solid, in the 2 minutes each
    C) 19 rxd, man it is hard to not want to do a little kip at the very end of the pullup just to get that last little bit over the bar

  8. 125 snatch
    165 clean
    21 strict pull ups
    Ran 25k in swim googlesand snorkel, life vest, and flippers

  9. A) Power Snatch with 3 OVHD Squats to get the legs working again 75,75,75,95,95
    B) Power Clean with 3 front Squats, all 95
    C) 20 RRs