Friday, July 15, 2016

A. 20 reps back squat
B. Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3
Use the heaviest weight you can for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

C. 6 min AMRAP:
50 Double Unders
Max UB T2B
Score = total T2B


  1. A) 175# fromfloor to 6" box
    B) Started at 95#, ended at 135#
    WOD) 29 TTB. Two huge weaknesses of mine. Great WOD to do in the garage after a few beers.
    Opt) 400M jug carry in 2:19.5. Had to bust my butt after Coach Alma knocked it out in 3:40 on her first ever attempt. Holy smokes, she's beastly!

    1. Ha! Thanks. I thought that time was slow but I don't have anything to compare to so I'll go with what you say.

  2. MOD WOD Day 4
    I'm grateful for all the little things in life like coffee.



  3. A) 130# for 20 reps
    B) 85# for all seven sets of 3
    C) 45 t2b RX grip was gone!!!

  4. A. 115 already at my 15mr.
    B. 75. Meh
    C. 18. Super meh I need to learn to jump rope

  5. A) 20 reps at 155 - way easier than Monday's 150
    B) 65-85-90-95-100-100-105 -way better than expected
    C) 41 Ttb - Holy grip 15-9-6-7-4ran out of time in 5th round
    Post) Core warmup x 1 then 3 min in ring plank, plus 50 push aways