Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Every 2 min for 10 min
3 snatch 75% + 1 snatch balance

*Coach Notes: These  snatches should be 75% of 1rm, going heavier each round is not beneficial if form starts to deteriorate. Too heavy can result in technically sloppy lifts. This cycle is about really trying to perfect technique and increasing weight gradually. Going too heavy will only reinforce bad habits or even create bad habits if none exist to begin with. If you don't have a 1rm snatch, or it's been a long time, feel free to add weight as long as the lift feels fast, smooth, and you are not pressing out.

Every 4 minutes:
100m sprint
15 unbroken WB 20/14
12 TTB

repeat 4 cycles
score= time for each  round
2 min calf stretch: 1 R/1 L
1 min partner bully stretch
4x3strict TTB lower down as slow as possible stopping in a L hang for 5 sec
4x8 KB under chin GHD back ext, hold last rep 20-30 sec


  1. Day 10 RomWOD
    Grateful for a productive day yesterday and deep sleep last night.


    1. Great WOD!
      A) 116#
      B) 3:18,3:28,3:48,3:56 (100m row, 15 UB WBs with 20#, 12 UB T2B, kipping HSPUs to 1 abmat with 1st round hands on plates/RX, last 9 UB)
      Proudest moment today - Ashley & Christopher getting their 1st T2B
      2nd proudest - finishing each round especially the 4th round today in time cap


  2. A) 116#
    B) 2:34, 3:15, 4:00, Cap + 3. Started too hot, not much fight in me today
    C) 20 rep BS @ 160#
    D) 400M Jug carry. 3:46

  3. A) 50# & 75# working on proper technique
    B) don't remember all my times but all in the 3 to 4 minute range. Was able to do T2B; broken of course. Also able to HSPUs with 2 abmats.

  4. A) 75# (some power snatches and some squat snatches, felt good!)
    B) RX 2:41, 3:08, 3:21, 3:51 (I think!)That was hard!

  5. A) Squat Snatch 110 (3 sets were working on form, then Shaun wanted last 2 rds as Tn'Go)
    B) 2:09, 2:2?, 3:01, 3:15 Tried to do TTB on my fingers only so I wouldnt tear my hands anymore. Way harder than I expected to string together. HSPU went way better than expected

  6. Just trying to get back into it and keeping it easy with my knee.
    A) 45 lb bar, 3 muscle snatch only
    B)2:26, 2:29, 2:18, cap+2 (125m row, air squats, knees to waste, Rx HSPU) Think shoulders gave out a bit on last rd.

  7. A) 85#
    B) 2:00, 2:04, 2:21, 2:29

    The toes to bar were the hardest thing for me, which is weird because usually those are the easiest.