Friday, August 26, 2016

30 min on the clock:
1 power clean 155/115
1 ring dip ( modify with light bands or box dips)
100m Sprint
2 power clean
2 ring dip
100m sprint
3 power clean
3 ring dip
100m Sprint
….as high as possible in 30 minutes (if you get stuck, drop weight and proceed)
1-2 min front rack stretch (lay on stomach, elbows bent 90degrees out in front and close together)
1-2  min dragon each leg



  1. 10 + 17 Rx-ish. "ish" because dips were on high rings with jumping MU counting as rep #1 on all sets and sometimes more than 1 per round once I had to start breaking them up.

    Thanks, Asa for helping me with fast elbows, chicken wings & calling me skinny (and that I need bigger muscles). That's just what a boy wants to hear. You're a doll.

  2. Thanks for the picture shoutout to the 6:00 am class!

    Today was fun...this week was fun. Great programming!

  3. Actually worked out this evening. Planned on taking a complete rest week to let my body recover from the past year, but I couldn't last the whole week. I finished my garage gym so I had to test it out. Baby will be here Monday for sure,so I'll catch you guys sometime next week!

    Tonight's work

    1.5x1 heavy front squat. Finished with 245.

    2. "Mexican Jumping Beans"
    10-8-6-4-2 squat cleans, RX was 165 I used 135#
    100-80-60-40-20 double unders

    Didn't time it, just died

    3. EMOMx12
    Odd: 3 strict press 135#
    Even: 10 hspu

  4. Pre) core warmupx2 + hs straddle work
    A) rxd but supine ring rows for dips since asa just fixed my tricep yesterday : 12 rds +14 but i think dips would have been easier:)