Monday, August 15, 2016

15 min to complete
3 sets of 5 Back Squat (% based off 5rm)
Set 1: 65% (03X0)
Set 2: 75% (03X0)
Set 3: 85% 5+ (no pausing on this set, instead go for a max set. Must do 5 minimum, anything beyond that is bonus strength!)
B. Tabata
lateral box step overs  24/20
mountain climbers
sit ups
Complete 1 exercise before moving to the next
Total Reps = score
C.  If people finish part A early, they can jump to part C.
Chin Ups @ (30X3); 1,1,1,1,1;
Push ups 30X0; 5,4,3,2,1
2 min couch stretch R/L


  1. I'm grateful for rainy Monday's and can't wait to hear how the little ones first day of school goes after summer break.


    1. Thank you thank you thank you over and over and over again!!!!

      Day 50 of RomWOD
      A) 165,190, and 220 for 5 reps! (Based on 5RM from who knows how long ago of 260: warm up - 5 reps at 45,65,75, then with 3 sec pause at bottom with 95,115,135 to see how it all felt. Wanted to do 20 reps at 220 when I got there but just super grateful I can squat again so thought better of it.)
      B) 278 (68 step overs with 24", 160 min climbers, determined to get 20 every round, 50 GHD sit ups)
      C) push ups (but still no pull ups for a couple more week)

      Great WOD!

  2. Morning garage WOD: For time - 20 rounds of Cindy, but supine ring rows on a 20" box instead of pull-ups. 19:38. Push-ups felt pretty decent. Love this weather!!!

  3. Awesome way to start the week!

    A. 95, 110, 120 for 13 reps (super excited about that bc I felt a little strong today!!!)
    B. 287 with GHD sit ups
    C. done (did chin ups with legs in tuck hold)

  4. A) 115#, 135#, 165# (11 reps)
    B) 240
    C) done...

  5. A) 55#,60#,65# (10 reps)-working on better form going all the way down on the squat
    B) 222
    C) done

  6. A) 55#,60#,65# (10 reps)-working on better form going all the way down on the squat
    B) 222
    C) done

  7. Woke up this morning with a nasty head cold so decided to sleep until 6:30.

    Garage gym workout this evening.

    A) Squats 45 for 20, 185 for 5 ,205 for 5 ,225 for 20
    B) Tabata
    Lateral jump over bench
    Mountain climbers
    Sit ups
    Didn't count just put in work
    C) check

    ROMWOD before bed

  8. Had to do punt pass kick for corporate challenge, but practiced my handstands while there :)