Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2 rounds at each (4 min total)
Dip shrug
High pull
Muscle snatch
Snatch balance
25 min on clock:
Every 2 min:
0-10:00: 2 Squat Snatches (8 light power snatches for endurance)
10-20:00: 2 Squat Clean and Jerks (8 light power clean and jerks for endurance)
20-22:00: Rest
At the 22:00...
3 min AMRAP
OHS (65/45)
Shoulder Recovery
Side plank with spine twist 10x each side (reach under, then scap retraction at top)
Hands and knees, raise 1 arm and opposite leg hold 15 sec 3-4x each side
Scap push ups 15, scap retraction, then round up
Partner Arrest stretch with resistance
1 min Partner PVC shoulder stretch each


  1. I'm grateful for Amy's first class back to coach yesterday being so awesome!! (The guys in the above pic)


  2. A) 135#, then several failed attempts @ 140# in last cycle. Slightly tweaked shoulder
    B) Got to 185#, but was favoring shoulder, so went to 135# for final round & preparation for...
    C) 58 reps. 60 was goal going in. First 30 unbroken - big mistake.
    Opt) half-a$$ gymnastics practice.

  3. A) 110# squat snatch
    B) 145# squat clean and jerk
    C) 59 RX

    Back feels good so I'm happy but I was taking my time, trying to focus on form and make sure I was aware of what I was feeling.

    1. That squat snatch felt great, I'm sure I could probably get at least 10# more once I'm 100%. That would be a 5# PR.

  4. Squat Snatch 105, 115, 125, 135, 145x1 so I could try a PR of 155. Missed it but the weight flew up there, so excited to try that one again!
    CL&J 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 x 1 so I could try a PR of 185. Got that one. I have hang squat cleaned 185 before and jerk more than 200 but never done them together for a max :) Caught it easy, and jerk was easy but the squat was the sticky point
    OHS: 70 reps (broke once around 40 to get feeling back in my fingers)

  5. Really wish I could have seen all these lifts today!!! Great job to everyone!!!