Monday, August 8, 2016

A. Find 5rm back squat
B. 4x10-15 sec L ring support (no ring support? use a band or do support between 2 boxes)

C. 4x5 supine ring row 20X2  

D. 5 minutes to complete:
Men: 60 wall balls 20
Women: 50 Wall balls 14
Max calorie row in remaining time
Score= calories rowed
1 min pigeon pose each leg
1 min couch stretch


  1. Done in this order:
    D) 55 Cal. WB unbroken
    A) 220# to a 6" box. 15# improvement
    B & C) Check

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  3. 195# / 43 RX

    My last 5RM was 175#, 20# PR and im happy!

  4. I'm grateful for smiling AMers.
    A) day 43 RomWOD
    B) MO WOD


  5. A) 195# could have done more but Travis kicked me off my rack. Jk... I'm ok with 195#. What's even more impressive - Sarah Holder getting a 5 RM PR and a 1 RM established in the same day!!! Go lifting buddy!!
    B) done
    C) 41

    1. Go girls! For the record, I didn't kick you off. Just wanted you gone so you wouldn't see me pulling the weight off your bar so I could squat it. And yes, 195 looked easy for you. Must have been the wicked Danish rock tunes.

    2. Most def!! I totally forgot to mention the music choice was more my speed this morning. With music like that, we might lift the house!

  6. Pre)Core warmup x 1 + Tuck hang/chin up tuck for 20 sec - Could not hold hollow form when going up and down
    A) 210 Pr I really thought I could get more but did not feel it today
    B&C) Done
    D) 50 cal ( wb unbroken in 1:40)

  7. A) 205
    D) 43 cal. WB unbroken, took forever for the rower to turn on.