Sunday, August 7, 2016

Rest day


  1. Best lifting class ever! Atlas actually slept a little so I could lift! I did the clean ladder in preparation for the competition in October. Still not ready for 135, so did 5 clean pulls at 115 and 6 clean pulls at 135.
    Did 3x3 front squats at 115
    2x3 squat snatches at 55lb
    When I got home I was watching the Olympics and was inspired to tabata air squats and hollow flutter kicks. How can anyone watch the Olympics and not workout?!

  2. Agree Amy! Great lifting class!! Went ahead and did over 5800lbs today...
    5x5 Snatch 60-80% so 90-98-105-113-120
    5x5 Cl&J 60-80% so 110-120-130-140-150
    HS straddles to finish