Tuesday, August 16, 2016

CrossFit Games Open 12.3
AMRAP 18 mins of:
15 Box Jumps, 24/20 in
12 Push Press, 115/75 lbs
9 Toes To Bars
Bulletproof shoulder routine:
1. Side plank with spine twist 10x each side
2. Bird Dog On hands and knees, raise 1 arm and opposite leg hold 15 sec 3x each side
3. Scap push ups 15


  1. I'm still grateful for the rain and equally grateful to sleeping in this morning. Look forward to this WOD tonight!


    1. A) Day 51 of RomWOD
      B) 7+4 RX (1st round push press and rest push jerks, all jerks and T2B unbroken)

  2. 7+19 (271) Rx. Went out too hot, unbroken in the 1st two rounds. Rookie mistake. If I had it to do over again, I would break the PP at 7 & 5 from the get go & the TTB at 6 & 3.

    Opt) mini flight simulator with Coach CT - to 25 and back by 5's. No misses, so happy about that. Of course it wasn't very fast...

  3. 5+16 RX
    mini flight simulator - T beat me... He's a beast!

  4. hope i can make it out tonight. This is my kind of WOD.

  5. In 2012 I got a score of 256 (6 months after having little Asa), today I got 271 (5.5 months after having Atlas). I'm pleased!
    7+19 rx
    all ttb unbroken except for first round, all jump up-step down, all pp 7/5

    1. That score looks familiar. Good job teammate!

    2. I took your advice above and really paced the beginning. Helped a lot, but I had to sprint that last minute!

  6. AM) ROM WOD
    Pre) Core Warmup x 2 and Handstand straddle practice
    Wod) I have done this wod many times so since I missed the wod yesterday, I subbed lateral step ups in lieu of box jumps Wod rx'd otherwise 9+31 Way happy with that score. All pp was unbroken. 4 rds in 6 min then held 2 min per round to finish just 5 reps shy of 10 full rounds
    Shldr) Done