Wednesday, August 10, 2016

EMOM 5 min:
3 TNG muscle snatches

At 5:00
EMOM 5 min
3 TNG muscle cleans
Rest 2 min

At 12:00
EMOM 10 min
Even: shuttle sprint
Odd: max strict pull ups (don’t have to be unbroken)

Score= max strict pull ups
3x3 muscle up negatives (can be done on low rings. Start in ring support and slowly lower down to dip then down through transition to seated position on floor)
3x8 GHD back extensions (hold last rep 20-30 sec)
1 min Partner Arrest stretch with resistance
1 min front rack stretch lay on stomach


  1. I'm grateful for my alarm giving me an extra 30 min of sleep this morning. A little extra sleep is awesome!


    1. Day 45 RomWOD
      I have reach my end goal of doing RomWOD everyday for 45 days in order to make it a new daily habit. I have hacked a path thru the jungle and realize it is not a super highway yet so will continue to track daily and see where it leads... So far feels great!!

  2. 85# on the muscle snatch, it was hard
    110# on the muscle clean, I could've put a little more weight on that one
    41 strict pull ups

  3. All discombobulated this morning. Late start, trying to add weight, getting behind, doing 6 reps to catch up, running into people on the sprints, etc. My advise - pick a moderate weight and stick with it.
    MS - 115#
    MC - 140#
    WOD - 45
    Opt) Ring MU work - a few strict with negatives & then trying to learn how to kip without getting all caddywhompus. So uncoordinated.

    1. Sorry brother, I think I'm the one than ran into you this morning while running; my bad. But..... You were successful at using the words "discombobulated" and "caddywhompis" in a single WOD log. At least you have that going for you 😬

    2. yep, those words make this wod rx+. haha!

  4. 135# muscle snatch. Easy, but my shoulders are achy today so I kept it smart today.
    165# muscle clean. Should've increased weight. Again, achy shoulders.
    52 strict pull ups.
    Played around with some strict muscle ups and did two sets of 10 hammer curls with 35# after class.

    ROMWOD after work.

  5. muscle snatch 77#
    muscle clean 99#
    40 strict pull ups
    MU negatives done
    GHD work done

  6. Olympic Weightlifting training
    Pre) Core Warmup
    A) 5x5 Snatch 60-80% so 90-98-105-113-120 - Felt way better than Sunday. Really focused on my speed up
    B) 5x5 Cl&J 60-80% so 110-120-130-140-150 - Felt beat down during these (heat or allergies or both) but got through them no problem
    Post) Reverse Tabata ring tuck sits

  7. 135 muscle snatch
    165 muscle clean (should have gone heavier)
    18 Pull ups, shoulder remained in one piece today