Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Find 3rm push press
6 rounds
6 unbroken jerks 155/105 (no racks, must power clean.)
12 TTB

shoulder strength:
1. Side plank with spine twist 10x each side (reach under, then scap retraction at top)
2. Bird Dog On hands and knees, raise 1 arm and opposite leg hold 15 sec 3-4x each side
3. Scap push ups 15, scap retraction, then round up
1 min banded shoulder distraction each arm


  1. 180# 3RM PP. Felt good, but 185 was a no go.
    WOD: check, Rx - had to be timed with a calendar, though.
    Opt) 400M jug jog & a little split jerk practice.

  2. I honestly can't remember what I put on the board today! Was it 125 and like a rep or two of 135?!? I'll figure out later. Fun lifting times with Greg!
    As for the second part - I finished 4.5 rounds before the clock struck 6:10 am... I could have stayed and prob still not finished the last 1.5 rounds. #traptuesday

  3. Tried to post earlier, but it never showed.

    205# 3RM 2 @ 215# couldn't push out the third rep on multiple attempts. Goal is 225# at a body weight of 165-170. Currently 170.

    WOD: Rx Awesome WOD.

    ROMWOD Lower Half after dinner.

  4. 195 PUsh Press PR I think I could have done #205 but ran out of time. 12:18 RX All unbroken jerks and TTB.

    1. Goal was under ten mins. My transition into my 4th round hurt me.

  5. 135# for 3 RM and 140# for 1 RM

    Got the 6 jerks unbroken, RX all 6 rounds