Monday, August 1, 2016

Many adults are achy and stiff from sitting at desks all day. Muscles eventually adapt to what we expose them to most often and the consequences can conflict with our health and fitness goals.
  1. Too much sitting can result in tight hip flexors and quads.
  2. Too much sitting can result in weak glutes and hamstrings.
So basically the front of your body gets tight and the back or your body gets weak!
So what do we do?
  1. Take advantage of all the extra mobility in classes this week.
  2. Work on breaking up some scar tissue and increasing your range of motion.
  3. Spend some time at home doing the mobility that you learn in the classes.
  4. Get a massage.
  5. Ask Asa about ROM WOD.
  6. Try out a session with a chiropractor who practices Active Release Technique.
You will see increased benefits in your workouts, in your squat retest next week, and in life!
We completed the back squat cycle. This is a deload week. Allow your legs to recover from those heavy weights and we will retest our 5rm back squat next week!

A. Metcon
EMOM 15 min
Min 1: 6 MB Cleans 20/14
Min 3: Max DU
2 MIN calf Stretch right leg
1 min Hollow side to side
2 MIN calf Stretch right leg
1 min Hollow side to side


  1. I'm grateful for Pink Floyd in the morning, great smiles from the early AMers especially for a Monday, new members venturing into a new way of life here at CrossFit and old members returned after too long away.

    A) 275 RX (50,65,50,60,50 trying to be smart today but just turned into survival at the end!)
    B) hollow holds and stretch with 5amers


  2. Replies
    1. No. Meh, like I'm unimpressed with myself. 250 was my goal going in, and that's not even very special.

      I need a feel good book. Any suggestions?

  3. A) 368 RX (98, 76, 75, 60, 59) was going for 75 per round, it was a good thought.
    B) check...

  4. I loved this workout!
    I was trying to hit 300

  5. I went to the box on Sunday morning for the Oly lifting workout after being away for quite awhile. When you are around people every day, you may not notice gradual changes and improvements that they make. When you see people only occasionally, any changes are much more apparent. While watching some of the members and coaches of CFNM lift yesterday, the overall improvement in strength and technique was very obvious to me. My compliments to Amy for the programming, to the coaches for their dedication, and to the members for their hard work - what you are doing is definitely working!

    See you next Sunday,


  6. On OT at work so wont get to do much extra this week... boo :(
    A) 453 rxd (113,90,90,75,85)
    B) Done
    Opt) We were told there was tabata handstand holds for optional, so did all those