Thursday, August 4, 2016

3 Rounds for time:
400 Meter Run
21 Burpees
Today focus on your breath.  Strive for your last run to be as fast as your first. So, you'll need to pace on the first run.  At the bottom of the burpee, maintain a rigid core and attempt to rebound off the floor rather than worming or peeling up off the floor. The rebounding version is less taxing.
Tabata doggies 8 rounds alternating legs each round
Pretzel Sequence with resistance 2 min each side


  1. My kind of WOD. Done at the house early in the am. 8:15. Splits 2:32, 2:52, 2:51. Breathing out of control in round 3.

  2. I'm grateful for Hercules 2.0 today! (A brutal RomWOD on Day 39)


  3. A) 11:30ish, the clock stopped at 10:00 so it had to be restarted. Listened to a podcast today talking about running tips so tried to focus on form, and non stop movement on the burpees. I was able to pick up my pace on the burpees at the end so happy with that today.
    B) DOne
    Post) Core Warmup