Friday, September 2, 2016

12 min to complete:
Base % off 3rm push press from 8/9
5 Push press
65% (30X0)
75% (30X0)
85% 5+
10 band pull aparts between each set.
for time:
20 thruster 95/65
20 Knees to elbow
15 thruster
15 toes to bar
10 thruster
10 strict toes to bar
5 thruster
5 medball/weighted toes to bar 14/8
1-2 min front rack stretch
1 min lunge stretch each leg


  1. Mee too, Asa. Glad to see them again. Weighted TTB, on the other hand...

    9:15 Rx. The last 5 reps took me over 2 minutes. Getting a good grip on sweaty balls is tough. No reps are demoralizing. Chalk from ankles to calves helps.

    400M jug carry in 2:17.

    1. I forgot about the A part. Ended at 157# x 5. Felt heavy.

  2. A) done
    B) DNF - I finished even though the clock stopped. Modified with clean+jerk
    C) Declined the jug run offer from Travis but Asa gladly replaced me.

  3. A)55#, 65#, 75#x7
    B) 9:14 (45#, HK)

  4. Mentally so NOT there today
    PP - 100x5, 115x5, 130x5 but I did the last set as the tempo
    Totally forgot to do the banded stretch
    Wod 7:47 rxd - Thrusters easy unbroken, Really focused on knees hitting elbow and TTB staying strict, probably rested more than needed on those