Sunday, October 23, 2016

2016 Lean Turkey Challenge
November 1-Novembe 24 (ends after thr turkey wod)

 Sign up HERE by October 28th for $29.95.  This includes a t shirt! After October 28th cost is $39.95.


As with every nutrition challenge that we do this one will be different. We will encourage you to eliminate grains, sugar and most other processed foods from your diet as usual. We will encourage you to eat nutrient dense lean meats, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. We still believe in food quality, but this time around we are going to generate some awareness on how much you should be eating, not just what you should be eating.

We all need a certain amount of calories to survive. This number varies from person to person based on age, lean body mass, activity level etc…
If our bodies were cars, we would need fuel to run. Run out of fuel and we would break down. Good news! Our bodies are not cars. If we don't fuel them properly or at all, we have a back up system. Bad news! The backup system leads to fat storage and long term hormonal damage. Your body will do what it has to do to survive.  When it is deprived of calories, it adjusts and it literally changes at a cellular level to enable it to store calories more efficiently.

Rules to Win:
  • Post on the SugarWod daily to earn 1 point/day for your team
  • Support each other and try to eat clean
  • Cheats will not negatively impact your team. 
Do you ever wonder why you can't lose weight despite the fact that you are not eating that much food?
Reality: maybe you have not been eating enough of the right foods for too long! So when you decide to eat your body has become a very efficient machine at storing that food in the form of fat!

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