Friday, October 21, 2016

Mark & Holly hanging around.


Open Gym Saturday, October 22 9:30am-11am.

Snatch for load:
#1: 5 reps
#2: 3 reps
#3: 1 rep

Min 0-3: heavy set of 5
Min 3-6: heavy set of 3
Min 6-10: find a heavy single (might be a max)

*you can drop the bar between reps, but must pick it up right away. no rest between reps. REMEMBER- don't drop a bar with 10lb plates and don't drop the bar from the top. drop bars from the waist on the way down. This minimizes bounce and keeps your neighbors safe!

*We are going to need this 1rm for an Olympic lifting cycle coming up!

** Post in the notes if you did power snatch or squat snatch and how it felt for future reference.

10 min AMRAP:
12 Overhead Plate Lunges 45/25
6 Strict Pull-ups or Ring Rows

2 min plank
1 min side plank R
1 min side plank L

*20 Russian twists every time you break.

Post total reps of Russian KB twists if any. Zero would be a great score.

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