Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Why Squat?
Strengthen Hip, Leg, Back and Ab muscles!
 Why Squat Correctly?
Protect the Knee, Hip, Spine and Neck joints!
Why Athletes Squat?
"The below-parallel squat is the best exercise in the entire catalog for whole-body strength, power, balance, coordination, bone density, joint integrity, and mental toughness." - Mark Rippetoe is a powerlifter, trainer, coach and author of Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training
"On the athletic front, the squat is the quintessential hip extension exercise, and hip extension is the foundation of all good human movement. Powerful, controlled hip extension is necessary and nearly sufficient for elite athleticism. “Necessary” in that without powerful, controlled hip extension you are not functioning anywhere near your potential. “Sufficient” in the sense that everyone we’ve met with the capacity to explosively open the hip could also run, jump, throw, and punch with impressive force. Secondarily, but no less important, the squat is among those exercises eliciting a potent neuroendocrine response. This benefit is ample reason for an exercise’s inclusion in your regimen." - Greg Glassman

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