Friday, September 1, 2017

2 min Max reps, 2 min rest
 wall balls (20/14)
kb swings (53/35)
chest-to-bar pull-ups
handstand push-ups
*no abmats on the wall for HSPU. Check out why we do NOT scale that way HERE.
 1. Know your strengths. Try to go unbroken in as many of the movements as possible. Remember, you’ll have a rest after each of the movements.
 2. Save your grip. The transition from kb swings to chest-to-bar pull-ups is going to wreak havoc on your grip. If you’re not a chest to bar ninja, break up the kb swings in two to three manageable sets. Keep the rest short and shake your arms out in the process.

 3. Push it. Go harder than you think. If you can open up with 50 wall balls (or even 30 then 20) unbroken, do it. The work periods are intended to make you redline.

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