Tuesday, November 7, 2017

5 min AMRAP:
SDHP 75/55
Power Snatch (75/55)

rest 5 minutes

5 min AMRAP:
Clean and Jerks (75/55)
Double Unders

Cool Down
Barbell Thoracic Stretch 1 min
Couch stretch 1 min each leg
Ankle Dorsiflexion 1 min each foot

Coach Tips

Move aggressively in these five minute windows, train our “touch and go” capacity on the barbell. The weights are meant to be light, and fast. Stimulus: choose a weight (same weight for both AMRAPS) that allows for 20+ repetitions unbroken, when completely fresh. Lighter weights will preserve the intensity that we are seeking.

AMRAP 1: grip will be challenged. Muscle snatches will be tempting since the bar is light, however, practice getting under the bar in the power position to save your pull strength.
Try to break up reps into no more than 2 sets.

AMRAP 2: Same light weight to keep power output high. Aim for same level of intensity in both AMRAPS.
Optional Gymnastics Pulling                
Choose from one of the following tests. If you have ring-muscle ups, let’s choose option A.

If inconsistent on the rings, do strict MU. Every week will be doing either MU or progressions for MU.

Option A
AMRAP 2:00 – Ring Muscle-Ups
Rest 1:00
AMRAP 1:00 – Ring Muscle-Ups
Rest :30s
AMRAP :30s – Ring Muscle-Ups

Option B- use bands if needed for CTB pull ups
AMRAP 2:00 – Strict CTB Pull-Ups
Rest 1:00
AMRAP 1:00 – Strict CTB Pull-Ups
Rest :30s
AMRAP :30s – Strict CTB Pull-Ups

Band as required here, but make a note on which band used.
Muscle-UpStrict Pull-upsChest-to-Bar Pull-up

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