Monday, November 13, 2017

Squat Clean Thruster for load:
#1: 5 reps
#2: 5 reps
#3: 5 reps
#4: 5 reps
#5: 5 reps

Every 3 minutes complete 5 squat clean thrusters for 15 minutes. Increase weight each set if desired. These are thrusters and not clean and jerks.               
3 Thrusters (95/65), 3 Lateral Burpees
6 Thrusters (95/65), 6 Lateral Burpees
9 Thrusters (95/65), 9 Lateral Burpees...

Add 3 Reps per round.

Stimulus: thruster weight that you could complete 21+ repetitions unbroken with, when fresh.

Cool Down
2 min couch stretch each leg
2 min barbell thoracic opener
Optional Gymnastics Pulling
A. athlete building Muscle Up capacity
B. athlete working toward first Muscle Up

A. Ring MU
6 Rounds for Quality
1:00 Light Row
15% Ring Muscle-Ups (15% of your total from last week's test)

fine tune movement in these smaller sets, focusing on the kip swing. Row is a recovery pace. Accumulate a full 1:00 on the rower before the ring muscle-ups. Not an EMOM, and not timed.

kip swing- With elbows locked out, we are looking to maximize “whip”, which is creating a long body beneath the rings. Strive for locked out knee postion, especially on the back swing. This is the most common place where the knees bend.

Option B – Gymnastic Strengthening

Alternating “On the Minute” x 10 (5 Rounds):
Even Minutes – 5-8 Ring Rows (feet on box for challenge)
Odd Minutes – 15-25s Ring Support (chest up, shoulders back, palms forward)

Technique is more important than amount of reps completed.

ring rows-visualize pushing the rings down to the ground, as opposed to pulling up. This will activate lats
ring support- externally rotate shoulders, turning our palms forward

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