Friday, December 1, 2017

Strict Gymnastics
Run 400m, then

10 minutes alternate between movements for quality

3 inchworm walk out to 2 sec hollow hold
15 sec ring support
5 wall squats

5 strict TTB
10 supermans or GHD hip extensions
3 Tall Cleans

Tall Clean: trains speed under the bar. “third pull”
start with locked out knees, standing hip width. Through aggressive extension of the ankles, jump feet to squat stance (shoulder width). At this same moment, what looks like a “shrug” is actually the pull under the bar.

Start with an empty barbell, and slowly climb from there.
Tempo Front Squat 32X0
Build to a heavy pause single. 32X0 (3 sec lower down, 2 sec pause)
With a ten minute window, taking the bar from the rack, build to a heavy pause single for the day. Not a max-effort, but a confirmation of positioning. This is not for score. Aim to finish around 75-80% of 1RM.
5x5 “Touch and Go” Hang Squat Cleans

Choose a single weight, and hold across for all five sets.

This will be a repeatable workout we will complete several times again, so it is good to start conservative knowing that we will build up.

Score= weight used for the sets of hang squat cleans

Cool down
1 min couch stretch each leg
1 min butterfly stretch back against wall

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