2018 Nutrition Challenge

New Year Nutrition Challenge 2018

When: January 15th – February 26th  (SIGN UP HERE)


  • 1st place- 1 month FREE Unlimited Tuition at CrossFit North Mesquite ($160 value)
  • 2nd place- 50% off the above ($80 value)
  • 3rd place- 25% off the above ($40 value)

  • Phase 1: Weeks 1 & 2- “reset” simply eat according  to the CrossFit RX not worrying too much about quantity, but not going overboard either.
  • Phase 2: Weeks 3 & 4- continue to eat according to the CrossFit RX focusing on quality, but pay more attention to quantity using your hands to keep portion sizes in check.
  • Phase 3: Weeks 5 & 6- Introduce Macros (optional), or continue with progress from phase 2.
  • 6 Weekly Nutrition Meetings: We will cover a different nutrition topic each week, have time for Q&A, swap ideas, and finish with a mini WOD. We will video these if you have to miss one.

  • Team up with at least one partner for accountability. Teams of 3 and 4 allowed too.   
  • Share your goals with your teammate(s) and decide how you will hold each other accountable. Daily texts, emails, social media…
  • Take weekly measurements with your teammate(s). Weekly weight and waist circumference are required. It is optional to track chest, hips, arms, thighs, body fat…
  •  Perform the Baseline Challenge WOD before and after the challenge!
  • Eat according to the guidelines
  • Attend all 6 Nutrition Check in sessions or watch  the video recaps
Point System Explained (5 points/day)
  • 1 point for eating “Real Food” (following the CrossFit Nutrition RX- see FAQs below)
  • 1 point for not eating too much
  • 1 point for having protein, veggies, and good fat at each meal
  • 1 point for staying hydrated (we will give some guidelines, but individual needs will vary)
  • 1 point for getting 7+ hours of sleep each night

How do I win the prize?
  • To be eligible for the prize you must:
  • Submit before/after measurements (not everyone has a lot of weight or inches to lose, so winners will not be judged on weight/inches lost alone)
  • Submit before/after pictures
  • Submit before/after challenge WOD results
  • Submit total points for the 6 weeks
  • Submit a short write up/essay summarizing your challenge experience. What did you learn? What worked best for you? What were your struggles? Etc…


What is the CrossFit Nutrition RX? It doesn’t get much simpler than the dietary advice of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.” This simple set of rules highlights the importance of both food quality and quantity in the diet.

When are the Saturday Nutrition Meetings?
·         January 13 at 9:30am
·         January 20 at 9:30am
·         January 27 at 9:30am
·         February 3 at 9:30am
·         February 10 at 9:30am
·         February 18 at 9:30am

How do I know how much to eat? 
You will be given an information packet with guidelines. You can order containers to help with portion control too. We use these.

What if I miss a meeting?
We will record the meetings and post them in the challenge Facebook group for you to watch. If you don’t have Facebook, we can email you the video.

Can I have dairy during this challenge?
Since this is not a strict Paleo challenge, we will not restrict dairy. We feel that eating “Real Food” might be slightly different for everyone. However, if eating dairy is impeding your progress, then we will recommend cutting it out.

Can I have paleo pancakes, cakes, and cookies on this challenge?
No. We are trying to “reset” our nutrition. Making “healthier” versions of junk food is not going to help cut cravings.

But I have a birth day party, office happy hour, wedding, etc to attend during this challenge. Can I eat and drink what I want on that day?
You are an adult. We cannot ensure that everyone will stick to the rules 100% of the time. You will have to decide which is more important- your goals or that cake and beer… Just realize that the more you “cheat” the longer it will take to reach your goals.

Are protein shakes and pre and post workout drinks allowed? This will vary person to person depending on your goals.

Can I have...?
Usually if you have to ask, the answer is no. Is it a meat, then yes. Is it a veggie, then yes.
It is safe to avoid:
  • all flours even almond and coconut flours.
  • vegetable oil and canola oil
  • nut butters
  • honey, agave nectar, artificial sweeteners (remember we are trying to cut cravings, not replace them)
  • Protein bars, paleo bars, or any kinds of bars

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